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Site Selection

When you come to Broadshield for your custom construction needs, more than likely the site for the project has been selected. Depending on the project, we take into consideration the views, the layout of existing construction, the natural elements, and the scale of the project. Proper placement of your custom building is vital. Knowledge of how to properly utilize all of the elements surrounding is taken into great consideration.

Conceptual Stage

At the Conceptual Stage, or the Schematic Design Stage, of the process in your new construction, Broadshield will take your ideas and implement them and interpret them into a general layout of the design. This stage is important so that we can position the possible final layout of the construction. Since we have an in-house Design Center, you are able to work closely with the our architects, home builders, and designers. This inclusive process will ensure that all aspects of the project are considered and thoughtfully resolved. There will be no gaps in the construction process, and every detail of the project is utilized efficiently and beautifully.

Design Development

The Design Development stage is the functional design stage. The layout is set out, and now it is time to incorporate the ideas for other elements in the project, such as doors, flooring, elevations, plumbing, windows, lighting, outlets, masonry, and so on. Once we have hit this stage, we are closer to the actual construction of the project. Whether it is a new custom home, barndominium, or a horse ranch, or another type of metal building, we place tremendous value in the client’s needs and desires. The project at this point should be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Construction Phase

The Construction phase includes the final drawings and is the final phase of the process. At this point, we select final finishing touches for the project. Our building contractors are with you throughout the entire process. During this phase, we are nearing a finished project, and all questions, if any, will be answered and thoroughly explained.