general_image1Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors takes pride in offering one of the most innovative, new-age solutions to home building. Our barndominiums are much more than just buildings; they are a practical, affordable, and effective way to have the home of your dreams.

Although it has not always been the common trend, metal buildings are becoming vastly more acceptable, in fact, more desirable by many. These metal exoskeleton buildings stand the test of time, hold against Mother Nature, and can provide a luxurious, comfortable living space inside.

Metal Is The New Wood!

While it is obvious that the real estate market is in an age where new developments are seemingly popping up on every corner, not everyone wants a model home that is built exactly like their neighbor’s, not to mention, paying the flashy price tag attached to these ‘new’ home developments. Instead of settling for something average, why not let us build you a custom made, unique home that you are sure to love.

Barndominiums offer the same amenities of a regular home, are fireproof, and more resistant to pests like termites. Building a barndominium is easier than building a house, taking less time and reducing the price it costs to own. By nature, our steel building homes offer more living saving, taking your country home dreams to the next level.

When you are looking for a place to call home, we will be there when you need us most. With many years of experience building these unique metal barn homes using the highest quality material, fine combed craftsmanship, and a keen sense of attention to detail, we can make your home dreams a reality at Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors.