With the continued emphasis on reducing your carbon footprint, most businesses that offer goods and services are looking for ways to help you do just that, including custom home builders.

Broadshield Home Builders is a Bourne-based green builder who specializes in rural construction for our clients. With over 30 years of experience in the San Antonio market, we know what it takes to build a custom home here for you. We specialize in green materials, such as recycled plastic and metal, that can be reused at the end of their life. Below, we’ll explain what Ekoroof is and touch on their benefits a bit more. Contact us for an estimate today!

What is Ekoroof?

With “eko” in the name, the roofing product should have something to do with eco-friendly, and it sure does! Ekoroof is a roofing material and product from a Florida-based company. It is made out of 100% recycled agricultural plastic that farmers use to protect their crops. You’ve probably seen this type of plastic in fields as you drive by. Used to protect crops from the heat and the sun, this plastic also helps to retain moisture and keep out pests, helping to curtail the use of harmful pesticides to the environment.

Ekoroof is a product that takes this agricultural plastic and mixes it with proprietary additives and shaped to resemble Spanish tile. It is incredibly durable, strong, and beautiful to behold. They also come in great color options that can complement the look of your home nicely. Below, we’ll review just a few of the benefits of using Ecoroof products in your custom home in Bourne.



This is the biggest and best benefit of using Ekoroof. Most agricultural plastics end up in landfills, or in other places that can harm wildlife. Instead, this plastic is used and shaped into roofing material, saving natural resources, landfill space, and money. Without having to source new raw materials, this cost savings is passed on to you, the consumer, which we love doing!

Incredibly Strong

Ekoroof is able to hold up to the most powerful Texas storms, from hail to wind and ice storms. This specially-engineered roofing material has been tested against extreme temperature fluctuations, hurricanes and tropical storms, and fallen trees. Plastic itself, while malleable, takes up to 1000 years to decompose, partially due to its strength and resilience.


If you are in the San Antonio area, Broadshield Home Builders can construct you a custom home just for you. Whether you are looking to build a metal home or a barndominium, we can help. We strive for as many green materials in our custom homes as possible, from energy-efficient windows and appliances to using Ekoroof materials and metal. We believe you can have a top-notch custom home that suits you that is all-natural and environmentally-friendly. Call our home construction company in Bourne today to get started!