Environmentally responsible building is a Broadshield focus.

Sustainable practices are not only beneficial to the environment but to our customers’ wallets.

Utilizing “steel” instead of “wood” is the preferred construction method with our metal homes and metal buildings for sale. With steel being the most recycled material known to man, our buildings have a head-start on being environmentally friendly. Add the use of energy-efficient windows, doors, finishes, and roofs, and our buildings become a direct response to our customers’ needs and desires to have truly sustainable homes and buildings. The innovation is not exclusive to our “Bardominium” buildings. We aim to utilize sustainable practices and techniques in our custom metal homes as well. Basically, the only thing in your home that is wood are the cabinets; and that is even an option. The savings related to insurance, utilities, and taxes are exceptional! Ask us how.

art_021The construction needs can vary from one project to another. The home builders at BroadShield have the expertise and resources to work in both the residential and commercial market. With over a decade of experience in general contracting, we are capable of executing your project regardless of size.

Using only the most reliable staff and a quality green builder workforce, your project is guaranteed to be carried out in a professional and efficient manner. Being local to the Boerne, Texas, area, we have access to high quality contractors that we have a track record with while saving you money in the process.

Roof Systems:

Our green building experts are highly qualified and experienced to install your metal roof. Working with metal roofing systems over the years shows us the real benefits of using them. The durability and style of metal roofing work hand in hand to make a very attractive and strong combination.